PHP Development

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PHP Development

Rapid application development to meet the customer’s demand is the new trend. Not sticking to the proprietary software for the development, more web applications, B2B, B2C and e-commerce applications are designed with PHP. With our PHP team, Gurutva offers its customers to customize the FOSS applications according to their needs and helps them to build developing custom software as well as web portal development. Some of our custom software based on PHP.

Kimai – Open source time tracking: From small sized companies to large scale companies, this software can be used as online attendance recording system and as workforce management system. We help you to customize to generate the reports, customize the UI and to implement in your organization.

OTRS – Open source help desk software and an IT service management software: Ever thought of handling issues in a manufacturing plant, or managing systems technology group? Here comes the handy software to raise the issues from your desk, to get approval and to keep a track on the issues handled at different level.

Mantis bug tracker – Web based bug tracking system: Useful for companies handling software or e-learning projects to keep track on the bugs while doing quality checking. This system will send email notifications to the developer or to the team lead about the bugs. Access control option is there to restrict, to record or to view the bugs based on the individual projects. The system and its reports can be customized to suit the needs of the company or for the team.