Network Services

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Network Services

Span, Safety, Availability

As business needs and markets grow, enterprises need fast, flexible and hassle-free connectivity across all their areas of operation. Our Network Services offer a comprehensive suite of IP-VPN and other connectivity options that can meet your growing demand. We are carrier neutral, and help you manage your multi-carrier environment seamlessly through a single interface, with consistent SLAs across all major operators in India.


Making enterprise networks Scalable, Agile and Secure

Simply put, SD-WAN, or Software-Defined WAN, is the concept of using software-based controllers on top of existing WAN architecture, to access better bandwidth, optimize traffic and dramatically improve network performance. SD-WAN technology enables organizations to abstract all network components, dynamically reallocate network resources and use software defined policies to manage network traffic. SD-WAN effectively takes your WAN to a significantly higher level of speed, consistency and control.

Gurutva India SD-WAN Services

Gurutva India SD-WAN brings forth the next-generation WAN connectivity solution for Indian enterprises in today’s cloud centric environment where agility, flexibility and ease of management of entire network from a single user interface are paramount, and all this is delivered by reducing the overall TCO of the entire network.

SD-WAN enables the broader goal of enterprises connecting users to applications in a cost-efficient WAN topology. It is independent of the type of network – wireless, wireline networks or the public internet – or, whether the applications are hosted in datacenters or on public clouds. This will also help enterprises’ branch offices to route traffic to the internet where a more expensive MPLS line is not necessary.

In addition to SD-WAN technology, Netmagic offers a comprehensive framework for SD-WAN implementation that is tailored to Indian business needs around data security, last-mile-connectivity and performance monitoring.


  • Flexible: Provides application visibility – What is running on the network? Simple interface that is easy to configure and manage. Swiftly build virtualised network functions ¢ralised configuration.
  • Secure: Ability to support VPNs, and third party NFV services. Multi-tenancy and Seamless Cloud connect. Both cloud-based security and centralised management to minimise.
  • Automated: Ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes. Zero-touch-provisioning for remote locations with little or no onsite technical presence.
  • Seamless: Customer Portal for Provisioning and NW configuration with Dashboard. Rapidly Deployable and Scalable WAN Solution. Self-managed and controlled QOS per application.


Building intelligent networks

  • Faster across the Internet

  • Protects your websites, mobile infrastructure and API-driven requests

  • Proactive monitoring and responsive troubleshooting

  • Intelligence to optimize devices and capacity to move huge volumes of data and content

  • Customize and control your content and applications

  • Simplified and Right-Size Infrastructure

  • 100% online availability

Content Delivery Network Solution

Building intelligent networks

Web Performance Solutions

Accelerate websites to grow revenue and conduct business globally – on any device, anywhere

Media & Delivery Solutions

Simplify workflow and deliver the highest quality media affordably and at scale

Cloud Security Solutions

Secure websites and datacenters to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft

Our services

Building intelligent networks


  • Accelerate – Faster across the Internet
  • Anticipate – Intelligent Content Preparation
  • Simplify – One Website Design for Any Device
  • Compress – Smaller, Lighter & Faster
  • Deliver – Snappy End User Experience


  • Offload – Simplify & Right-Size Infrastructure
  • 100% Availability – Always Online


  • Insight – Understand end-users
  • Empower – Logic at the edge

Managed AWS Direct Connect

Private connectivity between AWS Cloud Platform & Gurutva Cloud Service

Gurutva Managed AWS Direct Connect establishes private connectivity between AWS Cloud Platform and Gurutva Cloud Service environment, providing a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. This is suitable for moving large volumes of data and latency sensitive applications, as well as requirements where security dictates a non-internet facing connectivity option.

Why Managed AWS Direct Connect

Building intelligent networks

  • 1 Gbps and 10Gbps connections are delivered on dedicated AWS ports connected to Gurutva Cloud Service with Managed Hosting Services, Colocation Services & Managed Services

  • A point to point connectivity from customer hosted on Gurutva Cloud Services platform into the AWS Cloud platform

  • Services are scalable from 50Mbps up to 500Mbps Hosted Interconnect Port

  • Connect to the top public clouds and datacentres over our network – one site to multiple hubs
  • Protect enterprise data while enjoying dedicated network capacity and high speeds
  • Reduce the complexity of network management with a single global relationship

Internet Bandwidth Services

Guranteed 100% Uptime

Gurutva Internet Bandwidth Services give you the benefits of high-performance network architecture, instant scalability and unmatched availability.

Why Internet Bandwidth Services

Building intelligent networks

  • Internet Leased Lines: We provide Internet connectivity as well as point-to-point connectivity services for customers. Our ability to support a wide array of Internet Bandwidth Services makes us the Internet bandwidth provider of choice for medium and large enterprises nationwide.

  • Protected Bandwidth: Our ‘Protected Bandwidth’ offerings ensure that customers with mission-critical international connectivity requirements are routed on alternate paths in the event of a primary fiber failure, thereby providing maximum redundancy and the highest uptime levels.