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Meteor Mobile App Development is a next-generation app development framework and great for Rapid Application Development (RAD). Creating real-time web applications is quite tricky work but Meteor JS makes it easier to create such apps and websites. It is a very powerful library for transparent reactive programming in JavaScript that’s why any modification to the data is automatically reflected everywhere throughout the app which also includes the user interface without callbacks. It offers to develop more efficient and responsive websites and apps for both Android and IOS platforms. It manages the local database through MongoDB.


Let’s take an example, Suppose a businessman feels that he would require an app or website for running his business more efficiently then according to current scenario he would require an app or a website which respond in real-time, manage mass users data efficiently, device-independent (works on desktop, android and as well as ios), user-friendly and can be developed rapidly then Meteor JS is one of the leading website and app development framework that can fulfill all these requirements under one umbrella.
In layman terms: “Making the web page or application easy for users to use and navigate through regardless of whether you are using it from, a mobile device, an android device, an ios device, a desktop, a laptop or your blackberry ‘smartphone’ “.

meteor mobile app developmentGurutva’s USP’s

  1. Team of highly qualified, trained and experienced developers.
  2. Build Faster products, with no Bugs, and Cross-platform flexibility.
  3. Focused on encouraging disciplined and rewarding work culture.
  4. Focused on building solutions that fully covers the business needs.
  5. Implements new and innovative ideas in the projects.
  6. Works with the latest and efficient tools and technologies.

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We are building mobile apps with JavaScript and adopt entirely new concepts to harness the amazing features of these mobile platforms.