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Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services

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Hybrid Cloud ServicesAn Introduction to the Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud refers to a combination of one or more public clouds with a private cloud platform. A hybrid cloud utilizes both the on-premises private cloud services and the third-party public cloud services, with orchestration between the two platforms for performing distinct functions. While the non-sensitive operations are performed by employing public cloud services, a private cloud is employed for all sensitive operations.

In the case of a hybrid cloud, data is securely stored on the private cloud, whereas the public cloud is used for running applications dependent on the data. In addition to simplifying application deployment, hybrid clouds provide greater agility, improve workflow processes and reduce capital expenses.

Hybrid cloud requires API compatibility and solid network connectivity for enabling the access and interaction between the private and public clouds.

Veritis Hybrid Cloud ServicesFeatures and Benefits of the Gurutva Hybrid Cloud Model
The hybrid cloud consulting services from Gurutva comprise several features that bring multiple benefits to customers. Scalability, flexibility, security and cost efficiency are some of them.

  • Scalability: Moving non-sensitive functions to the public cloud allows customers to achieve seamless scalability while also reducing the demands on the private cloud. The scalability of platforms and infrastructure components ensures faster response times, reduced TCO and higher end-user satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Customers can explore different operational avenues and achieve efficient management of their databases and applications on account of the flexibility offered by the hybrid cloud.
  • Security: The hybrid cloud model not only ensures the security required for sensitive operations but also satisfies the data handling and storage regulatory requirements, wherever applicable.
  • Cost efficiency: Hybrid clouds enable greater cost efficiency through centralized management without compromising on the security of sensitive operations.

Looking for migration support? Don’t worry! Our portfolio of hybrid cloud services also includes migration support, where we help you execute the hybrid cloud migration process in a hassle-free manner.

Gurutva Approach
Gurutva offers a mix and match combination of hybrid cloud server architectures in order to create a fully customized hybrid cloud solution suiting the unique requirements of customers. The Gurutva hybrid cloud consulting approach provides customers the opportunity to decrease the cost of IT while increasing responsiveness to changing business requirements.

The Gurutva strategy ensures that all data security, compliance, governance and budgetary challenges are fully addressed.

Increased computing power and enhanced data management with greater security and 100% availability are some of the major benefits ensuing from the hybrid cloud services approach.