Think Big, Think Gurutva !!!

Rapid application development to meet the customer’s demand is the new trend. Not sticking to the proprietary software for the development, more web applications, B2B, B2C and e-commerce applications are designed with PHP. With our PHP team, WHBS offers its customers to customize the FOSS applications according to their needs and helps them to build developing custom software as well as web portal development. Some of our custom software based on PHP.

Kimai – Open source time tracking: From small sized companies to large scale companies, this software can be used as online attendance recording system and as workforce management system. We help you to customize to generate the reports, customize the UI and to implement in your organization.

Our experience in Moodle customization

Foreign currency exchange software: Foreign currency exchange startups will maintain an excel sheet or some local softwares to maintain their transactions. They need to worry about their backups and their databases too. And if it is a paid proprietary sofware, we need to worry about the bugs and fixes. Not to mention the licensing fees too.Though it is hazzle free most of the times, if we need any customization in the software, we have to raise a request and wait for another release. All these can be get rid with one solution. We have readymade product for foreign currency exchange software. This is done in PHP and we can offer you at an affordable price. Moodle customization for training centers: Lot of training centers will cash in the summer holidays by offering various courses.

With innovations and competitiveness goes hand in hand, open source products which can be downloaded for free are flooding the market regularly. Fundings to encourage the adaptation of FOSS [Free and Open Source Software] are spreading worldwide. Our developers are experienced in working in various open source software be it Ning, Joomla, Drupal, Plone, Wordpress etc., for various clients and the reports of required type can be easily customizable in affordable cost and in quick turn around time.