Happy New Year – Beginning of a ‘Tech Being’ in 2020

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Happy New Year – Beginning of a ‘Tech Being’ in 2020

Happy New Year - Beginning of a ‘Tech Being’ in 2020

To rephrase the famous quote of Mr. A. A. Milne “To the uneducated, Java is just an island”
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that today’s literate is only the one who knows about technology. He’s the one who sees the impact of tech in his everyday life, not only recognizes it but makes the best effort to understand and adapt to it.

Every single sphere of our life is not only impacted but is actively driven by technology today. From the moment we open our eyes on an alarm to the snoozing off looking at our Facebook timeline, we have come way ahead and way long in this ever-increasing use of technology. And this everything has taken place with breakneck speed. Some of us Millennial seen times when TV was a luxury only some could afford. Then the graduation to the concept of mobile phones to now using AI voice assistants doing our mundane jobs, we have seen everything.

More than the comfort it brings, it poses a question to each one of us. Do we want to remain a passive user of all these devices and programs or we start our journey towards ‘literacy’ and become a ‘Tech Being’?

A Tech Being is one who understands how things work around him and can make the best use of them to create more help and opportunities. He’s the one who will keep himself updated and also knows when and where to draw a line to the pitfalls of technology and its interference in normal life.

A tech being will, therefore,

  • Take full control of devices and their features around him and especially his mobile phone.
  • Take full control of his computer/mobile and use software/app to their max potential.
  • Understand the role tech can play in increasing his efficiency at home and office.

While the first 2 things are easier to follow and master if you have a working data connection and YouTube app; for 3rd one though, it may require some sequential steps.

The first step towards that journey is to find possibilities purely basic common sense, like is there a software/app to help me remind things, which I often forget or to schedule work for employees and track their progress or to create a small app for my company, which can help automate a manual process.

The second step is to believe in the fact that a similar problem must have arisen somewhere in the world and a solution must have been provided. If not, there are more than enough service providers who can provide you customized solutions and help you understand things in a better way.

This is where we at Gurutva Solutions come handy. Tech geeks, who believe in the power of technology and a firm belief that the biggest advertisement for self is your happy customer. We are happy to provide you any tech solution you are looking for except spaceship launches, I mean, to be frank, we outsourced that to Elon Musk recently.

When a Tech Being like yourself present a problem to us, our focus is to not only provide a process flow but to codify the same in a Web & Mobile application, which work seamlessly across your computer and Mobile devices.
We do Web & Mobile application development, Website development, Meteor app designing, VOIP solutions, Digital Marketing, Customer Life Cycle Management & Printing jobs.

Your journey of becoming a ‘Tech Being’ has to start from 2020 if you aren’t the one already. And we will be glad if we can help you with that.

A very Happy New Year and Best wishes becoming Tech Being.

~Gurutva Solutions